Blend - Aries by Maith - Emirati Coffee Co
Blend - Aries by Maith - Emirati Coffee Co
Blend - Aries by Maith - Emirati Coffee Co

Blend - Aries by Maith

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Delivering to all Emirates in the UAE at a rate of AED 30.00 and Western Region at a rate of AED 50.00. Delivering Internationally; All International Shipments are subject to Courier Charges.

Costa Rica - This lot is 100% ‘Centroamericano’ variety – a hybrid of Rume Sudan and Sarchimor, developed by a variety of different Central American coffee research institutes, that marries high cup quality with high resistance to disease. The variety’s profile lends itself well to honey and natural processing, which is why the Robelos decided on processing this small lot using the natural method.

Marellesa is a variety obtained from the hybridization of Sarchimor and Caturra. It is sought after for its superior cup quality and its resistance to leaf rust. Obatá is a Sarchimor: a cross between Timor Hybrid 832/2 and Villa Sarchi CIFC 971/10. Experiments made by Aquiares have shown the two varieties to have similar cup profiles, which is why they have been mixed in processing. The varieties are versatile, lending themselves equally to washed processing as to honey and natural processing. Three lots this year have, thus, been developed using same varieties processed in three different ways: Washed, Natural & Red Honey.

India - 150 year old plantation from the period of British which was opened by CH Godfery, 1300 Mts of elevation, 32 Years the plantaion is organic, 150 years old jungle trees. 20 - 25 species like jackfruit, egg, champak, banyantree, mango, blackplum, avocado, citricfruit, oranges, junglejack, pepper & etc.

Grade: 87+

Recommendation: This blend is designed to make a medium, balanced espresso, and a creamy milk based coffee with an earthy finish.