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NURAO - Emirati Coffee Co
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Delivering to all Emirates in the UAE at a rate of AED 30.00 and Western Region at a rate of AED 50.00. Delivering Internationally; All International Shipments are subject to Courier Charges.

Colombia - The municipality of Inzá is located in the corner of the Department of Cauca, bordering with Tolima and Huila and looking out to the west over the Pacific Ocean. Situated on the “Macizo Colombiano” (the Colombian Plateau), which surrounds the high peaks of Tolima and Huila, the region is an important source of water and wildlife, in addition to being prime coffee growing land.

Brazil - The Alta Mogiana region produces one of the best coffee beans of Brazil. The most cultivated varieties we find in this region are: Catuaí, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Acaiá and Obatã. The main characteristics of the coffee is a creamy and velvety body. It has a striking aroma, fruity with soft notes of dark chocolate and nuts, medium and balanced acidity. As soon as tasted, it has a magnitude of prolonged aftertaste with a caramel sweetness with notes of dark chocolate. It is a full-bodied coffee, excellent for making a great espresso or a soft filtered americano drink! And to ensure the prime selection for our clients, our Coffee Lab cup every single lot to score
and control the quality.

Grade: 87+

Recommendation: This blend is designed to create a rich shot of espresso, and a silky textured milk based coffee.