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San Remo Cafe Racer B&W/white

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Width – 877 mm

Height – 534 mm

Deep – 680 mm

Voltage – 230V 1N

Max. Power – 7.03 kW

Steam Boiler Capacity – 8L

Services Boiler Resistance Power – 3.85 kW

External Pump Power – 0.165 kW

Preheating Boiler Capacity – 1L

Preheating Boiler Resistance Power – 1 kW

Cup Heater Power – 0.16 kW

Units Boiler Capacity – 1L

Units Boiler Resistance Power – 1.6 kW

Net Weight – 97 KG

Smart-touch setting of the individual groups
Multi boiler system for Maximum thermal stability
Flowactive SystemFor precise control of the water flow
High and constant pressure in all conditions
Inovation and smart energy management to save up to 30% of