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When The Coffee Farmers Meet The Roasters And Their Clients!

When the Coffee farmers meet the roasters and their clients!

“EKATA Earth Pvt Ltd”, one of the India’s finest organic specialty coffee producers meets quality driven Roasters in the United Arab Emirates.

The event was first of its kind in the region initiated by Emirati Coffee Roasters in the United Arab Emirates. Fahad Basheer, Director of Ekata Earth addressed the invitees and explained how they approach to farming the highest coffee possible, growing in selective altitudes and climates and nursed organically.

He also said about how the producers who creates organic specialty coffee devotes his or her life to refining and perfecting the highest quality coffees and thus organics can reverse the current climate change. This ensures a beautiful eco-system and a healthy environment for a better living. Ekata’s mission in following the organic way of nursing the coffee production has been appreciated by several roasters and end-users across the globe. For them, it is quality not quantity that is the most important consideration.

Ekata ensures their farmers being able to connect with the quality-minded buyers to ensure higher profit option for their project which supports individuals, families and communities and which could be followed by the other farmers across the world.

Fahad Basheer and Shameel CP from Ekata Earth appreciated the Emirati Coffee Roasters on initiating this event and providing an incredible platform to the farmers to present their production process to their clients and like Emirati Roasters said “Our clients enjoyed tasting rare and unique coffees and booking them to be served in their own coffee shops. We believe everybody deserves to drink delicious coffee” Organically produced speciality coffee beans from Ekata Earth is  now exported to the roasters in U.A.E., KSA, Germany, China and Japan, Finland and Sweden

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