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Magic Blend by Salama - Emirati Coffee Co
Magic Blend by Salama - Emirati Coffee Co

Magic Blend by Salama

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Colombia - The municipality of Inzá is located in the corner of the Department of Cauca, bordering with Tolima and Huila and looking out to the west over the Pacific Ocean. Situated on the “Macizo Colombiano” (the Colombian Plateau), which surrounds the high peaks of Tolima and Huila, the region is an important source of water and wildlife, in addition to being prime coffee growing land.

India - The estate has its own pulping machines and dries it's fully washed, Selection 9 beans on a sun-soaked drying yard.

Guatemala - Each family has their own small wet mill that is used to pulp ripe coffee cherries on the day that they are picked. After pulping, coffee is fermented in tanks or barrels (depending on the family) for around 24 hours. It is then fully washed in clean water to remove all mucilage. All waste products (water and pulp) from the wet process are handled so as to minimise environmental impact, and much is actually returned to the soil as organic fertiliser.

Recommendation: This blend is designed to create a rich shot of espresso, and a creamy milk based coffee.