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A well-balanced brew method with flavourful results. Our personal favourite.

Highlights coffee complexity brew time: 2-3 min


  1. Use 25g coffee for 300ml of water. The grind must be medium/Paper filter.
  2. Place the dripper on the server with paper filter positioned in the dripper and run about 250ml of water through the paper filter into the server, then toss the water. (this ensures the server is preheated and the paper is rinsed of any papery taste.)
  3. Weigh out coffee, grind coffee, and throw coffee in the center of the filter.
  4. Using 91-96 degree Celsius water and a pouring kettle...start wetting the grounds using about 50g to 100g of water. Ensure all the grinds are wet and start your timer as soon as you start pouring
  5. At the 30 second mark pour additional water in a clockwise and circular motion. Pour until your total water weight is 150g
  6. At the 1 minute mark pour an additional 100g of water  in a clockwise and circular motion to reach a total of 250g water
  7. At the 1:30 second mark pour the last 50 grams of water very slowly in the center of the drip.
  8. Total extraction time for a pourover should be 2min20sec-2min50sec
  9. Once your pourover is done take the dripper off the server and pour the coffee


V60 dripper

Fresh whole bean coffee




A stirring utensil

Filter for your Filter

A serving vessel