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This compact and lightweight brewer is a go-to for brewing on the fly. Try our inverted method, then go your own way.

lightweight, portable brew time: 5 minutes


  1. Use 28g to 380g water.( using the 3-cup Yama siphon)
  2. Make sure you have everything together- Bottom chamber( with water), top chamber placed in stand and also filter needs to be inserted, butane burner, paddle, timer, and the coffee.
  3. Pour water just off the boil into the bottom chamber till the 3-cup mark.
  4. Place butane burner underneath with a moderate to high flame level.
  5. Place top chamber in bottom chamber.
  6. Wait till water rises to the top, then turn down the heat slightly.The water temp here normally stays stable at about 90-92 degrees Celsius( depending on ambient temperature.
  7. Coffee needs to be ground between espresso and filter but a little bit more towards filter.
  8. Gently distribute the grounds into the top chamber, and make sure that all the grounds are wet using the paddle. Start the timer.
  9. When a bloom develops on the top, gently pat it down, avoid excess stirring as this is agitation and will affect the extraction.
  10. At the 45 second mark, take away the heat source. And stir vigorously around the wall of the siphon 6 times. Then wait.
  11. A vacuum is created as the bottom chamber cools and sucks the coffee down, also filtering it out.
  12. Once you see bubbles in the bottom chamber, you may take the top chamber off, position it in the stand, pour the coffee and enjoy.
  13. Total extraction time – 1:45-1:50



Fresh whole bean coffee





Stirring utensil

A serving vessel